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GlobalObjects is an C++ object oriented database (OODB, ODBMS, NoSQL) in which even complex C++ objects can be stored, loaded, modified and deleted in a very simple way, without having to deal with relational databases.
This can also take place in transactions that can be confirmed or canceled.
Single and multi-user operation via a server is possible.
There are extensive locking mechanisms to protect stored objects.
The ACID principle is consistently adhered to.
A simple notification system can be used to "keep track" of changes to the object inventory.

The current version GlobalObjects 1.0.5 is implemented in the C ++ programming language and has so far been used with:

One can e.g. install a GloServer on any supported operating system and access it from any supported operating system.

The GUI was realized with the C ++ library Qt.

GlobalObjects User Guides (online)
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