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C++ Projects

The open source projects presented here deal for the most part with the classical object-oriented software development; in particular with the programming language C++.

I'm glad to answer questions about the projects listed.


GlobalObjects is an open source C++ object oriented database (OODB, ODBMS, NoSQL) in which even complex C++ objects can be stored, loaded, modified and deleted in the simplest way, while adhering to the ACID principle.
GlobalObjects understands C++ class declarations with support for encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, object identity, and object references.
A easy mechanism is offered to design persistent objects without having to deal with relational databases.
C++ objects are stored and loaded in a simple way.
The name GlobalObjects was chosen because it easily helps the C++ developer in a simple way to synchronize objects on multiple clients automatically. Nevertheless, the application developed with GlobalObjects works without modification even in single-user mode.


EuSetup is a simple open source installer that evaluates an INI file for what it does. EuSetup can be extended with C++. More...


ExchangeFileContents is a simple open source console program that exchanges content of any kind in files. More...


TcpLib is a smal open source C++ class library based on socket that can be used to develop a TCP-Server and corresponding TCP_Clients. More...


An INI file still has its permissions.
To be able to work with INI files, ini::File is provided for this purpose.
IniFile is open source>. More...


If there are memory leaks again, just link the DLL from the MemoryLeakIndicator to the C++ Visual Studio project.
MemoryLeakIndicator is open source. More...

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