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C++ Projects

Most of the open source projects presented here deal with classic object-oriented software development; especially with the programming language C++.


You need a simple mechanism to store complex C++ objects (e.g. with embedded or referenced objects) without having to deal with relational databases?
C++ objects should be easily stored, browsed, loaded, changed and deleted?
In multi-user mode, objects of all clients should be automtically updatable when another client changes these object?
You wish the consistent adherence to the ACID principle?
You need an Open Source solution for this?
GlobalObjects is an OODB or an ODBMS in which even complex C++ objects can be stored, loaded, modified and deleted in a very simple way. More...


You need a simple setup program to distribute your work to others?
You may want to extend or change this setup program with C ++?
EuSetup is a simple open source installer that evaluates an ini file for its doing. More...


You want to change content in files?
This should possibly be done in a 'batch' for multiple files?
ExchangeFileContents is a simple open source console program that exchanges content of any kind in files. More...

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